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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the worn out ball and socket of the hip joint and replacing it with artificial surfaces. There has been much innovation in orthopedic surgery. We have moved through cycles of replacing only the surface of the ball (surface replacement) to replacing the ball with an attached stem and mating with a socket to complete the artificial joint and back again to replace only the surface in some selected young patients. Read more...

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery is considered an option when all other measures to preserve your own natural knee joint have been exhausted. While this is a major procedure, advances in medicine, surgery and technology have made it one of the safest procedures to undergo. Read more...

Shoulder & Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery has become a common procedure with wonderful long term results for the worn out shoulder joint. Even when the rotator cuff is torn and the shoulder is severly worn out, a reversed shoulder replacement has shown excellent results in my hands.

Safety and Your Total Joint Replacement Surgery Experience

Replacing the worn out joint has become integral to our lives as we age. So much so, that meeting people with not just one but two, three and four artificial joints has become commonplace. Who would have known that? These people look and walk so normally. In fact nothing about their behavior would suggest that they had an artificial joint(s). I have several patients in my practice, boasting of four and five joint replacements done by me over the years.Read more...

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