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My role as your Orthopedic Surgeon is to determine the best treatment modality for you. If you had
previous xrays or other tests please bring those with you to your consultation to avoid the need to
duplicate exams. I do not recommend surgery to all patients who are seen I my office. In fact,
many are referred to physical therapy, thereafter at my direction. You are free to choose a therapist
of your preference and convenience. I ask only that your therapist communicates effectively with
me as together we strive to restore your mobility and joint function.

If you do eventually need surgery it may necessitate replacing a worn out joint. Although I perform
the surgery, I require the assistance of your primary care doctor in peri-operative management.
This assures their close attention to your overall general health and well being, which ensures that
your heart, lungs and kidneys continue to function optimally during the period leading up to the
operation and after. We function as a team, giving you the best chance for a smooth recovery and
the best possible chance at a long term pain free and active life.

In addition to your physicians, your healthcare team is comprised of nurses and therapists who will
see you in the hospital, at home and in a therapist’s office. This multi disciplinary approach
maximizes your rehabilitation potential.

Last but not least, remember that YOU the patient are the most important member of the team. We
are here to assist you and help in your treatment and recovery. We are here to guide and teach
you to effectively manage your disease process or injury. Ultimately, it is your satisfaction that
guides and motivates us. If you feel that we can help you, please free to call the office to schedule
an appointment (815)802-8031for an evaluation at your convenience.

And always, feel free to call our office with any questions at (815)802-8031.



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